25 Nov

Greece, as an EU member state, provides a number of reassuring benefits to its residents and citizens, including high levels of safety and security, exceptional educational opportunities, robust healthcare options, and a reliable rule of law. 

The residence permit provides its holders with numerous benefits, including the ability to visit Greece even during travel restrictions and to travel across and stay for more than 180 days per year in European countries that are also members of the Schengen Agreement, within or outside the European Union, without a visa, residence in Greece, and the right to obtain European citizenship in the future.

What is a Golden Visa? 

Is Residency by Investment programs to encourage foreign investment from individuals of other countries. These programs, referred to as "Golden Visas," grant residency rights, often with minimal stay requirements, to investors who make specific investments in real estate or financial instruments.

Greek Golden Visa Advantages

Any third-country national who acquires a Golden Visa, along with all immediate family members (including spouse, children under 21 years of age, and parents of both spouses), enjoys the following privileges:

  1. Five (5) Years of Entry Rights:
    • The privilege to enter Greece and the EU is granted for a period of five (5) years (the residence permit is renewed every 5 years).
  2. Five (5) Years of Residency Rights:
    • The entitlement to reside in Greece is extended for a duration of five (5) years.
  3. Access to Greek Public Education:
    • The right to enroll in the Greek public education system is granted.
  4. Free Travel and Extended Stay in Europe:
    • The freedom to travel without restrictions and stay for more than 180 days per year in European countries is permitted.
  5. No Mandatory Stay Requirement:
    • There is no mandatory requirement to stay in Greece in order to obtain and maintain the residence permit.
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